House Montagu

“Splendor, style and abundance” describe House Montagu. Imagine a seaside resort where the breeze floats through palm trees and open air dining tables. The clinking of crystal glasses fills the air. It’s an exclusive club. Adventurers and influencers meet from all over the world on this island, and no one else knows how to find this place.

They meet in secret – not unlike the pirate brethren of ages past. Only now they discuss electric cars, space travel and plans for building the new world. They also laugh and discuss movies and friends. These are the proud architects of a new future – the people of Montagu embrace a path of creation.

This house holds many genius minds, especially in the realm of finance, manifesting and innovation. The symbols of Montagu are falcon and sailing ship. The falcon carries tremendous clarity of vision. This animal may fly long distances, with the ability to see where it’s going, and also has the sharpness of beak and talon to take down its prey. The people of Montagu carry this same ferocity of spirit. Their sailing ship represents freedom and adventure: integral values of this house.

The motto of House Montagu is “Always Shine.”



Published by Ray S. Hillsman