Building The

New Earth

We Are a Community

With a network of chapters all over The United States, we host a fraternal society for men and women.

We Are a Nation

As visionaries of the New Earth, we collaborate to create a new world culture. 

We Are a Tribe

We value our people. Our tribe exists to restore humanity and empower our members.

For The Future: Building a New Human Culture


We enter into a bold new future. Artificial intelligence, robotics and other technologies will vastly change human life. In this time of transition, we have the opportunity to create a new way of life, rather than allow the existing structures to continue to exploit humanity.

The modern culture created a sea of loneliness. And through the isolation, they took away our power – when people walk alone, they have little ability to affect change. So we need to build a tribe. Through a web of real connection, we become strong.

Ymeria builds a new human culture based on awareness, freedom, responsibility, prioritizing humans over machines, individuals over corporations, and lives over profits.

Beyond Space & Time: Ymeria’s Location

Ymeria exists without borders. Wherever our members gather, there the nation exists. That being said, Ymeria arose out of The United States of America, and our membership primarily focuses on influencing the culture of The North American continent.

What is Ymeria Based On?

There are three main areas that inspire developments within Ymeria:

The Ancestral. Drawing from deep roots. We preserve the knowledge, stories and mythologies of world cultures and ancient history. This process of keeping ancient knowledge gives us a connection to all of humanity that has come before us. We want to benefit from the wisdom and traditions that nourish us, while also learning from the mistakes within history.

The Technological. “Human over Machine.” This is an Ymerian principle. However, within this understanding we seek to use all the technologies of the past and present to benefit human life. In the broadest sense, technology includes any useful tool. A drum or hammer is just as much technology as a virtual reality computer. We value learning, building skills, and technology as a means to support our goal of restoring humanity.

The Visionary.  See the new world and bring it into reality. While we are a people grounded in ancient knowledge, we are also visionaries and creatives, open to the flow of inspiration that guides us in building The New Earth. The visionary sees those things which have not yet come to pass. We value innovation and creating new and better ways of doing things.

What Do You Do?

The Nation of Ymeria is more than just a concept. We are a living community. Through The Ymerian Network’s various Halls (local chapters) we facilitate real in-person events for building our tribe. Examples of activities:

  • Networking Cafes. Grab a coffee and meet local Ymerian people.
  • Future Envisioning Groups. Presentations and group discussion about creating our nation and building The New Earth.
  • Small Group Meetups. Invitations to smaller interest groups.
  • Nature Exploration. Walks or driving caravans to explore the wilderness.
  • Skill-Building. Workshops and mentorship to help members build talents.
  • Local Business Networks. Supporting local: visiting restaurants, shops and more.
  • Festivals & Parties. Seasonal festivals, underground parties and other large events.
  • Game Nights. For fun and friendship.
  • Ceremony & Ritual. Many types of ritual performances within the tribe

Creative Projects

Our members collaborate on many projects within the nation. Below are some of the current developments within Ymeria:


Artistic maps of the Ymerian nation. These may be symbolic maps (like a mind map) or depictions of actual places where Ymeria has built a network. Our goal, to chart the nation’s special places – including businesses, hall buildings, natural landmarks and more. These maps depict an underground kingdom, a place outside of the sights of America, where we are thriving.

Ymerian Language

Wæs Þu hæl, féðegest! By drawing from Old English, other ancient European languages, channeled light language and newly invented words, we’re creating our own dialect of English. The Ymerian language is a creative project that interests many of our members. It includes symbols – or glyphs – drawn to represent various meanings and sounds.

Underground Clubs

Ymeria envisions a wide network of meeting places. Back rooms and old warehouses hosting secret club meetings – only those that look closely will recognize signs of Ymeria, in a subtle symbol here and there. As Ymeria grows, it will be able to establish its own physical halls (chapters) dedicated exclusively to our functions.


Digital currency and blockchain technology will soon become standard for the whole world. Ymeria may establish its own coin. We seek ways to bring prosperity and abundance to the Ymerian people.

Training Circles

What do you want to learn? Ymeria provides space for sharing, mentorship, and circles for developing valuable skills. House Vilarune hosts shamanism circles. Other houses may have wilderness survival, cooking, dancing, and many other types of workshops.

Hidden Treasures

Letterboxes, geocaches, shrines and other hidden destinations. Give the people a map and directions, then let them follow the route to find a hidden box or other treasure in the wilderness. Also presents a way for new members to visit special places in the local Ymerian network.

Ecstatic Dance

In the cavernous space of an abandoned building or hidden club – the flicker of DJ lights and colored clouds float across the roof. Tribal electronica music playing. People move as part of a healing ceremony. The keys to unlocking ecstatic experience and higher states of consciousness lie within us.

Cross-Tradition Rituals

House Vilarune (and other groups) created a cross-tradition Blot and Symbel ritual. This is a spiritual ritual from Northern European indigenous traditions. This cross-tradition version invites Christians, New Age folks, Pagans and other paths alike to participate in this powerful and ancient ceremony. This ritual provides an alternative community experience of spiritualism compared to exclusively Christian churches.

Tent Festivals

Imagine a field in the wilderness full of tents. Each tent contains a marvel inside: drum circles, painted jars for sale, cushions and low tables stacked with cups of coffee, and more…Since Ymeria is a nation with no borders, we may set up tents anywhere we find land, and throw a hella awesome festival. Bringing the community to life, wherever we go!

Storytelling Workshops

The art of oral storytelling, poetic performance and bardic arts – these are beautiful things. And yet, lacking in the modern world. Digital media and written books are great things, however the spoken word also has an enchanting power. Hosting circles and workshops for storytelling also serves many in their path to find voice, and refine their sense of self-expression. 


Structure of Ymeria

The Ymerian Network is a society made up of halls and houses.

A hall is a chapter or lodge dedicated to a local region. For instance, Tucson and Southern Arizona have Four Mountains Hall representing the people of that region. Halls facilitate meetup groups, events and real life networking. Halls exist for the purpose of networking real people.

A house is a group that may exist independent of geographic space. Houses are independent creations that may represent a particular interest, smaller community, sub group, thought experiment, body of knowledge or artistic expression within a tribe. A house may have one, a few or many members among their ranks.

Both halls and houses exist autonomously. This means that each hall and house belongs to their creators, not to Ymeria or any other organization. Each house and hall is responsible for their own activities and decisions. The Ymerian Network is a social service that connects official houses and halls into a web, for the purpose of bringing a tribe together, creating a new culture, and supporting one another’s growth.

Halls & Houses

As of this time, there are four official halls and seven houses within Ymeria. Our numbers grow, and so too will the number of halls and houses within this network.


Official Halls

  • Four Mountains. Serving Tucson and Southern Arizona.
  • Atlantis. Serving Gainesville FL and the Northern Florida Area.
  • Ember. Serving Austin and Central Texas.
  • Sunstone. Serving Phoenix and Central/North Arizona.



Seven Original Houses

(Click on the links to learn more.)

  • Vilarune. The personal and familial house of Ray Scott Hillsman. Devoted to preserving ancestral knowledge of the Nordic, Germanic and Celtic peoples, and developing a house tradition of shamanism and sacred arts.
  • Montagu. A house for entrepreneurs and innovators to manifest abundance and bring creations to life.
  • Feros. A house for fraternal connection, telling stories around bonfires, feasts, games and other activities.
  • Arconis. A house for warriors who seek to preserve the peace of the nation, and bring justice to the world.
  • Evisi. A house based on fun, play and travel. Beach parties, weekend roadtrips, cooking with friends and more.
  • Reylane. A house about exploring nature and the study of life. Gardening, science and astrology all included.
  • Deon. A house devoted to freedom, exploring the world, and seeing past lies and illusions.

House Quiz

Take the quiz below to learn what house might interest you. Please note: this quiz is a fun way to explore the seven original houses. Taking this quiz does not guarantee admission or membership to any of the houses.

Becoming a Member

Some people receive direct invitations to join the Ymerian Network. These individuals make up many of the first architects, the founders of the nation. Others may apply for membership. Currently all applicants are reviewed by the council of architects – a membership process which will adapt and change as the nation grows. Ensuring that all original members will have the nation’s best interest at heart (rather than bad actors) is critical for this stage of our development. That being said, guests whether family or friends, are welcome at many of the public Ymerian hall meetings. Building community is, after all, our purpose.

For inquiries about membership or other questions, please contact administration with the form below:

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Contact Us

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