House Arconis

“Dearly Remembered” the people of Arconis say, as they call to those who have passed on from the kingdom. House Arconis protects the central throne of Ymeria. Nowadays, the throne of Ymeria sits empty, as there is no king or queen, so the people of Arconis guard an empty throne for what that throne represents – provision and service to the tribe.

Arconis’ members are warriors, remarkable individuals who cultivate tremendous power in body and mind. Arconis also has a poetic side – like the samurai artists of ages past. As the people of this house guard the nation, so too do they guard the nation’s historic and cultural treasures.

Many members of this house have an appreciation for song, art and aesthetic experiences of all sorts. Those within House Arconis live with a depth of appreciation for life, along with their devotion to creating justice and harmony in the nation.

The symbol of Arconis is a dragon glyph. The dragon represents cultivating strength in all elements (i.e. fire, water, air, earth, spirit.)

The motto of House Arconis is “Live in Truth, Walk in Honor.”



Published by Ray S. Hillsman