The Architects


The architects build Ymeria. As a collaborative project, many individuals contribute to the nation. A colorful tapestry woven of many threads. In creating Ymeria, we declare a bold statement to the world: that it is possible to create a new human culture. Most human cultures have evolved naturally over time. Much in the same way, the culture of Ymeria will develop in time, in order to retain an authentic character.

The architects help facilitate this process, bringing ancestral, technological and visionary knowledge to the nation.

Read about the founding architects of Ymeria here (more profiles upcoming.)


Ray Scott Hillsman (Reiken)

 First Founder of The Nation, Chieftain of House Vilarune

Also known as: The Torch, Reiken Son-of-Will, Scott H. Wilson

“I don’t fit in, within this modern world, and that’s a damn good thing.” Reiken is the first founder of Ymeria, who channeled the inspiration for this nation, and he is the originator of the Seven Original Houses. His dream is to create a real human community with those around him.

Hailing from the Sonoran Desert, outside of Cuk-Ṣon, Reiken observed many signs in dreams and impressions over his childhood. At age 15, he had a spiritual awakening that changed the course of his life, where he delved deeply into shamanic training and the healing arts.

The spiritual name “Reiken,” relates to the power of certain Anglo Saxon Runes from his ancestral tradition – this name appeared to him while meditating in the ashen remains of a burned forest in Central Texas. The symbolism of this name speaks to “The Torch,” an image aligned with a mission to bring the light of awareness into the world.

Reiken is the founder and chieftain of his familial lineage based house, Vilarune. He seeks to create shamanic training circles, in addition to bringing the nation of Ymeria to life.


Published by Ray S. Hillsman