House Reylane

“The Stars will Guide You.” Imagine a vast forest beyond an ancient wall. The trees fill with the sounds of insects and birds. Exotic plants grow in puddles of rainwater. Throughout the forest are small villages built on hills beyond the trees. You can see their lanterns glowing through the misty dark night. The people of Reylane admire wisdom and seek harmony with nature. They observe the flows of the universe, as both scientists and artists. They chart stars and follow whatever kindles love in the heart.

Some say Reylane is a reclusive tribe, a series of small villages who would prefer to live in the wilderness beyond the walls. However, Reylane people make welcoming hosts and generous friends. They contribute a wealth of information to the nation of Ymeria – many scholars reside within Reylane. Many in this house appreciate reading, gardening, crafting, learning survival skills, and walking through the streams and forests.

The symbol of Reylane is a butterfly. This house embraces the process of transformation in life. Nature flows with many cycles of changes. Reylane people seek to become masters of change, just as the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly.

“Balance Follows” is the motto of Reylane.



Published by Ray S. Hillsman