Ymerian Flag

The Nation’s flag includes an equilateral triangle in lavender, left-facing, the pinnacle of which ends at roughly half the flag’s space. Two large stripes of royal purple make the top and bottom of the flag. Within are smaller stripes of forest green and a single column of white in the middle.


The triangle represents the Three Inspirations: ancestral, technological and visionary. These are the areas of knowledge that citizens draw upon to build the nation. In another meaning, this triangle reflects “past, present and future.”

The base of the triangle rests upon the left hand side of the flag. Left represents the past, so here the triangle’s base shows a strong foundation in ancient knowledge, with the tip of the triangle pointing like an arrow to a new future. Its lavender color symbolizes the beyond, visionary abilities, and the courage to step forward into the unknown.

The triple colors of stripes continue the motif of “threes.” Royal purple represents the vast unknown, the realms of spirit and inspiration that we draw from. It is the infinite. These stripes sit on the edges of the flag, with no beginning or end.

The white column in the middle represents the brightness of spirit within the Ymerian people. Within light spectrums, white includes all frequencies of light – so this particular understanding of white light reflects the diversity of the Ymerian people, who come from many different backgrounds, ethnicities and paths.

The green stripes represent our planet, with a reminder of our responsibilities on this Earth. This responsibility is two fold: 1) our mission to restore humanity, bringing together new human tribe, and 2) our need to harmonize with the flow of nature, and create a sustainable way of life within this planet.

Precise Colors of The Flag (in Hex Code):

Triangle: b79cca

Outer Stripes: 4d2a7c

Inner Stripes: 2fa34e

Central Stripe: ffffff

Published by Ray S. Hillsman