Eye of Truth

This symbol represents the visionary. By extension it represents the Ymerian people, those citizens of this nation, who are each visionaries, bringing a community to life. It is a secret symbol of the people. It is also a sign that we are watching. Becoming aware. Lucid, like the eye of Odin gazing into the well of memory. Bright like the eye of Ra, shining onto all the lands of Earth.

Where you see this symbol, whether carved into the wood of someone’s house or tattooed onto someone’s wrist, know that it is a symbol of Ymerian presence. It is often carved or painted into places where the Ymerian fellowship gathers.

While this symbol represents the visionary world builder, it is also a symbol of the Ymerian people as a whole. In one ceremony, newly inducted members of Ymeria are offered a temporary tattoo of this symbol: placing it on their right wrist or right shoulder as a common area.

The idea behind this ceremony: ink washes away with time, and becomes invisible. As the ink becomes invisible, it becomes a “part” of one’s inner being, as one knows there are many things that cannot be seen with the outer eyes, and yet are perceived with the inner vision. This is the work of the world builder and visionary.

Some Ymerians may choose to renew their temporary tattoo every year, and allow it to wash off in this fashion. Or other Ymerians may choose to receive a permanent tattoo of this symbol, representing their brotherhood within this nation.

The eye is a symbol of awareness – a basic principle of our work as world builders.

In the light of awareness we find our power.

Published by Ray S. Hillsman