House Deon

“Find me at the edge of the world.” Imagine the borderlands of a kingdom, stretching over a desert wasteland. A few motorcycles cruise down a dirt road stirring dust into the air. Hawks fly overhead. The riders find their way to an old building: an ancient tower made of blackened stone. Inside, they find a few dusty bookshelves and a staircase leading to the watchtower. Looking over the land, they see for miles.

The people of Deon watch over the kingdom. They know its secret ways and underground tunnels. They know how to decode the mysteries of its hidden language. They are masters of hidden intelligence. Forming a tight-knit community on the outskirts, House Deon serves the kingdom as guardians and messengers. Mechanics, engineers, crafters and tech-people also join House Deon.

“Freedom” captures the spirit of this house. Deon attracts many people who question authority, investigate truth, and seek to live a life in league with one’s true desires. The symbols of House Deon are a snake and the Crest of Deon (a glyph in the Ymerian language.) The snake represents the vital power and lifeforce of a person, with the strength to break through all inhibition and unfold one’s true destiny.

Deon’s house motto is “See The Way.”



Published by Ray S. Hillsman