House Evisi

“Jump in, the water’s nice.” If you want to have fun, hang out with someone from House Evisi. Relaxation, joy and finding the beauty in daily life is a hallmark of this house. The symbol of the dolphin presides over Evisi – this playful creature reflects the equally playful, easygoing, and sometimes (highly) emotional people of House Evisi.

Like the dolphin, some Evisian people embrace a nomad lifestyle. They might travel around from island to island, camp in vans around the country, or watch the stars by the light of a fire. Other times, Evisians find themselves settled into one place for a long time. Even so, many will find small ways to turn life into an adventure. Finding new coffee shops, driving into a different part of town, playing a new board game with friends – Evisians love having a variety of experiences and they love sharing these experiences with others.

House Evisi also has a strong intellectual streak. They seek to build a university that gives the entire Ymerian nation access to information resources.

The motto of Evisi is “Flow with the Sea.”



Published by Ray S. Hillsman