House Feros

“Never Alone.” The House of Feros dedicates itself to building a fellowship of true allies. Their symbol of the wolf, in both green and grey, appropriately speaks to the nature of a wolf pack – the people of Feros place the highest value on bonds of friendship and family. Loyalty, generosity and warmth of spirit describe the people of this house.

Imagine a lodge in the forest. Many travelers gather around the fireplace, with mugs of warm cider, and listen to one another’s stories of the open road. Children run outside, playing in the trees. Old men sit at the end of one table, discussing history. At another table, someone starts a song and others join in. The lodge is like this every day, all days, even when the people change and come and go – there is a home for them, and a place by the fire.

The motto of House Feros is “Strong Together.”



Published by Ray S. Hillsman