House Vilarune

“Keepers of The Flame.” House Vilarune hails from the desert mountains in the southwestern reaches of Turtle Island. This house includes many shamans, mystics and scholars of the ancient ways. A shamanic training temple sits centrally inside their homeland. Like the desert that surrounds them, Vilarune people are often intense, deep and visionary. They serve Ymeria by connecting the nation with ancient knowledge and visions for the nation’s future.

In addition to the mystic undercurrents, many people within Vilarune are engaged in creative projects, writing, gaming and world exporation. Vilarune’s head chief and founder is Reiken Son-of-Wil, also known as Ray Scott Hillsman.

Vilarune’s symbol is the big horned sheep. Like this desert animal, the Vilarune people are enigmatic, mysterious and proud. Many of them prefer to live in a bubble away from the rest of society. When they appear in The Nation, they bring a tremendous wealth of knowledge and loyal friendship.

Their motto: “Keep the Fire” refers to the kindling of ancestral fires in ritual, and is also a metaphor for cultivating the fire of the spirit within oneself.



Published by Ray S. Hillsman